Born To Perform-Meet DDS Call Center Rep Marisa Johnson!

Marisa Johnson knew at a very young age that she was born to perform!  She started taking jazz and baton twirling at the age of four and performed in several parades and fairs across the Phoenix metropolitan area. At age 6, Marisa began taking hip hop classes and after one season was invited to be a part of Donna Crawford’s Company Team.  From there, Marisa began competing in Las Vegas, NV, Phoenix, AZ and Anaheim, CA at Showstoppers and other competitions. During high school, Marisa was accepted into the Performance Dance Team, traveling every year to Anaheim, CA to perform at the Disneyland parades as well as to Los Angeles, CA to attend classes at the Debbie Allen Academy of Dance. This experience was completely humbling and only further confirmed Marisa’s passion for all things dance, and she expanded from performing into choreography as well, and during her senior year of high school, Marisa was selected to choreograph the group number for the entire Performance Dance Team.  After graduation, Marisa set her sights on studying theatre arts and acting at Howard University, but continued dancing as often as possible at studios across the DC metropolitan area.  Two years later, Marisa moved to LA to pursue her dreams of acting, dancing and modeling. Since her relocation, she has become the Vice President of the Praise Dance Ministry at Word of Faith Christian Fellowship Church and the praise dance choreographer and instructor for ages 3-58.

When asked how being a dancer and performer helps her with her job at DDS, Marisa responded: “I believe that being a dancer helps me to anticipate what the customer needs. I have first hand experience with most of the items we carry so I know what works for me and can offer my opinion. I especially love assisting customers in need of liturgical or praise dancewear; most of the time dancers only know that they want to praise dance, but do not know the little things that can take the performance to the next level and I can help with that!”

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