Functional Fashion

You must admit, fashion tends to play a big role in dance.  From the eclectic ‘outfits’ worn in class that are unique to each dancer, to the costumes that are an expression of what is being danced on stage, dancewear is its own sector of the fashion industry.

Gone are the days of identically dressed dancers at the barre due to lack of selection.  Dancers have been liberated from the days of confined dancewear-uniformity and tradition remain, but individuality emerges!  Suddenly fashion has embraced dancewear as one of its own, and voila!  Brightly colored leotards with uniquely cut out backs and necklines dance across the stage accompanied by sequined or rhinestoned tutus, costumes are now their own separate entity rather than pieced together bits of dancewear, and the possibilities for accessories are endless.

Part of fashion’s magical quality is the ability to take something practical or functional and turn it into wearable art.  Whether an extension of what your dancing is expressing or simply something that makes you smile in class when you wear it, the point is to make the functional fashionable!

Warm ups are a great example.  All dancers know the point of warm up pants, shorts, sweaters and legwarmers are to keep the muscles warm and ready to dance.  But add some flashy stars or colorful stripes to a pair of legwarmers, couple with some black warm up shorts and a twist front crop sweater over a leotard and suddenly you have fashion statement!

So take a look at our selection of warm ups and leotards and have fun creating your own personal style statement!  Make all aspects of your dancing art, from the moves you perfect to the functional dancewear you make fashionable!

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